fredag 17 april 2015

Big Game Project, Week 1-2

Hello again, it is once again time to fill this blog with some content.

A couple of weeks ago I started a course in which we students are tasked with creating a game during this time. The game is supposed to have market viability, even though we aren't expected to have a complete game at the end of the course. Instead we are a creating vertical slices or demos of our games which showcase the essentials of  the game.

At the start of the course you either had a game concept already approved, or you could apply to join a group that needed more people. I didn't have a group at the start of the course so I applied to join a couple of different groups as an artist. Fortunately I found a group that were interested in my talents. I was accepted into their group last week and I met with them last Wednesday so that I could be properly introduced to the game concept. The rest of the week was spent trying to create concept art for the game.

This week we set up our scrum documents, creating a project backlog as well as doing a quick sprint planning in order to determine what every one was going to do this week. I was tasked with creating concept art for the spirits that the player team up with in our game. These spirits are elemental forces which aid the player in combat and journey with you through the game.  There are three main types of spirits that we want in our game, a earth spirit, a fire spirit and a water spirit. Unfortunately I haven't progressed much with these concepts´, and I'm gonna have to put in some extra time during this weekend. It is important to get most of the concept art done this week as we're going to start production next week.

We are a bit behind schedule when it comes to making the game. We were unsure whether or not we were allowed to progress with this project until earlier this week which means that we are a week behind the groups that got green lit earlier than us.

That is all for these two weeks.